It takes a village…

A while ago I posted about responsibility. I wondered if it was possible for me and Owen to take care of Nathan on our own, or if we needed help from others. Now I know – NO WAY.

It takes a village.

So meet our new villager: The Lovely Maria.

From 1-13-09

Maria is Nathan’s new nurse. She will be helping us with his therapies, especially with the ABR.

She started last Friday and I can honestly say, today I feel better than I have in 2.5 years. It is so nice to have help!

She has already learned about all of his equipment, therapies, she’s watched the ABR tapes and started doing ABR with him, she went to the doctor with me and helped me out while we waited…. it’s amazing! Everything doesn’t have to be a struggle!

Between the two of us we can actually take care of everything he needs, from all his therapies, to his oral motor exercises, to teaching him how to use the switches, to giving him all his vitamins and supplements.

So now I can focus more on being his mommy and playing with him and hanging out with him, while Maria is his primary therapist! This also gives me a little bit of time to work, which I really need, and to take care of myself a bit better.

If you have been praying for us – your prayers sent us an angel!

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