* It was 6 am when Izzy woke up wanting her Tete (bottle).  I was nursing Gryffin so I explained to her that she had to wait for Gryffin to finish his milk before I could get her Tete.  So she points to Gryffin’s crib and says, “Gryffin night night”, points at herself and says, “more Tete please.”  In other words, mommy, get rid of Gryffin so you can take care of me!

* We went to Disneyland on Sunday.  We were watching ” The world of color” at California adventure but after about 15 min’s she was bored of it.  So she grabbed my hand and walked me out of the viewing area, off to the left, and around the corner into the “Ariel” ride that we had ridden a couple of hours earlier.  She got in line, dragging me by the hand, and then dragged me right onto the ride, pulling the handle down after she sat down.  After we finished the ride, I stepped off, she ran to the edge of the cart, closed the door behind me, and ran to the other side, sat back down, and pulled the handle down.  They had to stop the ride to pull her off 🙂

* I still love getting in the bath with the kids and I do it whenever I can.   The other day I was in the bath with all 3 of them.  Izzy has this thing about grabbing my breasts, and she knows she’s not allowed.  So instead, she took Nathan’s hand and used his hand to grab my boob, all the while looking at me with a glint in her eye, look, it’s not me, it’s Nathan that’s grabbing!

This little girl is a force of nature.




  1. OMG I’m laughing so hard, it sound just like Vera. Vera’s big thing is telling everyone”Oh, No, thats a no,no” Like when someone goes into fridge or bathroom. It’s so funny, I swear little girls are so much more fun. Nathan and Mitchell were not as goofy as her

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