* When I dropped Izzy off at her Montessori school today, the teacher commented to me, “That girl. She’s a big huge brain with legs. I’ve never met such a smart kid!”

* She’s talking in sentences now. Instead of saying “Water”, she now says, “I want water please.” When I have the baby and she wants my attention, she says, “Gryffin goes night night. Izzy’s turn.”

* The other night, I told her to go to bed. So she walks into my room, and climbs into our bed. She tucks herself in, and says, “Izzy’s bed.” She used to agree to go to sleep in her bed, then wake up in the middle of the night to sleep in our room, but as of a few days ago, she won’t even fall asleep in her bed. One night, I’m in a deep deep sleep and hear, “Mommy, HEEEEEEELPP, my FOOOOOOOOT!” Sure enough she had fallen off the bed and slid between the frame and the rail. What 20 month old has the presence of mind to ask for help at 2 in the morning, instead of just crying?!!!

* Owen was trying to put her down the other day, so he said, let’s go to bed Izzy, daddy’s tired. So Izzy says, “Ok daddy. Daddy night night. Bye!” She leaves him on her bed, and walks over to our room and asks me to play on the ipad.

* Guess what is Izzy’s favorite app on the ipad? NETFLIX. She knows how to turn it on, surf through the shows, she finds Dora, and turns it on – all by herself. One day I found her sitting down watching Dora on the Ipad, without any help at all from anyone. Did I mention she can app surf? She is able to play any game I have on the ipad. One of her favorites is Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. She has mastered that game.

* And did I mention she’s addicted to Dora? She now has a Dora quad, Dora shoes, shirt, pants, plate, spoon, cup, potty chair, stool, flashlight, and who knows what other Dora things we have floating around the house.

* A few weeks ago she decided she was old enough to pick out her clothes. So every morning she will go to her closet and select what she wants to wear. If you ever see her in a striped shirt, flowery pants, and bight green socks – don’t blame me, it’s not my fault! She has this thing about socks – no matter what she’s wearing, she will always pick the brightest, funkiest socks! She refuses to wear plain white socks and always demands the colorful ones. Oh, and a few days ago she decided she needed to dress me too. So whenever she can, she pulls out clothes and shoes for me, and if I don’t wear them, she gets very upset! So if you see ME all mismatched, now you know why!

She is such a character!


  1. Summer Jesse says

    She looks so much older than Vera and she is 24 months old. Vera loves picking her clothing out also and always want to wear dresses, which does not always work because it’s still cold here. I wish there was a school around here I could put Vera in or a dance class but everywhere you have to be 3. Small towns. Is bella potty trained? Vera did good at first but now she’s being a stinker about it
    Always love hearing about the kids.

  2. Wow. That’s awesome! she’s gonna try to be one step ahead….parenting will be interesting!!

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