In the past few weeks I’ve rediscovered the beauty and pleasures of journaling…as in privately writing my thoughts in an actual notebook where I can just spew out everything that I’m going through and finish writing feeling 1000 lbs lighter. It’s been a great joy for me.

Consequently the blog is getting a bit neglected.

There are seasons in life for everything and I feel that this is a season for introspection. I have shared so much of our lives over the last 5 years and perhaps a cycle has begun to find its closure. I don’t know how often I will blog … probably when I have special things to share… but in general, at this point in time I am much happier journaling than blogging.

In the meantime, everyone is okay…Gryffin’s growing…Nathan is finishing out summer school and doing great with his daily Medek sessions and getting better and better with this communication device….Isabelle is learning new things every day, getting into trouble, saying new words by the minute, and is generally a lot of fun to be around.

Thanks to everyone that’s been worried about us and checking up on us…we really appreciate it…I hope to have more to share soon!


  1. hi marcella.
    i am still praying over you and your family.
    Much love

  2. Amazing article, lots of intersting things to digest. Very informative

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