Just a kid

Today was lovely. I’ve been a bit worried about Nathan, he’s been kinda grumpy lately and not too cooperative during his therapies. I was wondering if something was wrong with him and we were getting ready to start the whole CT scan / medical testing process to see if something’s going on.

I’m starting to think he’s just displaying signs of getting close to the terrible 2’s! I took him to the park with his buddy Pres and he was SO happy and excited. I was shocked to see how happy he was and how much fun he was having. What was really cool to is he wanted to be were all the kids were. In the past I’d just sit with him on a bench and he would wathc the kids playing from a distance. Today he wouldn’t have it, he wanted to be where all the kids were. He would look over to see where Pres was and wanted to do everything she was doing.

Sometimes I forget Nathan is just a kid like any other, who gets grumpy when he doesn’t get his way, and enjoys being with other kids and doing what they’re doing. It was really fun for me to watch.

Anyways…here are some photos of us at Disney. We went the last couple of Sundays. Nate had a blast.

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