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Miss Belle is starting to learn how to play with things:

Who said girls can’t wear blue?

Yes, I know the bow is a bit big, hopefully she’ll grow into it soon. The bow and bib and shoes and hand mits were made by her great grandma Celia! Isn’t she so talented?!

We’ve discovered she LOVES hanging out wherever Nathan is. If I put her down in her crib – she wakes up and I have to hold her. But if I put her down close to Nathan, this is what happens:

It’s not often that she’ll fall asleep with Owen, but if Nathan is around, she is more relaxed and can sleep with daddy.

This is Belle’s special spot with daddy. He holds her just like that and “shows her the world”. She gets bright-eyed and bushy tailed and loves seeing everything!

Here they are at Urban Home:

And this is Nathan with Nanny McPhee Marta doing the cold laser therapy. Basically, she uses the laser probe (seen in the photo) on specific points throughout the body. At this point in time our focus is points that help him overcome infant reflexes, such as moro and ATNR.

And then today we did something very important. After breakfast, where Nathan had a blast doing one of his favorite things – ripping paper:

We went and gave Nathan a much needed haircut. It started with the hair stylist washing his hair:

Then she combed it out a little

And trimmed it a bit to give him this super cool 80’s dude cut:

And since Nathan got his hair cut, Isabelle, also wanted something pretty on her head:

This was also made by her great grandma, pictured here:

And towards the end of the day:

Isabelle was DONE. A good time was had by all 🙂


  1. Cathy Jordan says

    Precious precious precious!!! Your family is so sweet!

  2. Cybell says

    A casí un mes de vida ya jugando!!!!Belle es muy despierta,y verla como recorre el mundo con su papá,verla con cada accesorio hecho por su bisabuela que a Belle le quedan maravillosos,de verdad Belle esta muy linda,y Nathan….entretenido modo de lavar su cabello jajaja y su peinado que decir parece un guapo actor de cine,Marcela tus niños están preciosos,dales un beso de parte de Catita!!!
    Un abrazo.

  3. Los niños estan maravillosos, mi niñito anda a la moda ochentera!!!, lo encuentro muy lindo, y Belle que decir, cada accesorio es precioso para ella, y ya esta jugando y mirando todo a su alrrededor, lo encuentro espectacular. Les mando un gran abrazo y besos a los dos niños preciosos..

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