Just because

Tomorrow we go home. We’ve had quite the week. Nathan has bronchitis, cold, and an eat infection. Belle and I, the croup. But we worked with the most amazing therapist and Nathan completed the neurocognitive assessment. Most importantly, we got to briefly hang out with some amazing people (thanks Sally, Hanna, and Eugenia), and to spend lots of time with Prince Maxx and his amazing mommy and daddy. Marcos, Laura, you guys are the best, THANK YOU for everything!!!!


  1. I so wanted to wrap you guys up in warm comfy blankets and make it all better!!

    travel safe.

  2. We MISS U SOOOO Much!!!:( Maxx came home yesterday and the first thing he asked was where is Marcela!! He apparently told everybody at school that Belle attacked him:) I a so happy you came and spent time with us. I hope dispite the colds, coughing fevers etc you enjoyed your time here in Hacienda Matos:)

    We loved having you here. Are feel truly blessed to have you guys as part of our extended family. Come back soon

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