Just Life

A few people have been asking me to update the site so I added a bunch of photos and videos.

We’ve had a tough couple of weeks. My uncle in law, Fernando, was in the hospital just over a month, and died last Friday. He was my mom’s sister’s husband. He was a wonderful, funny, caring guy and it was so hard, so difficult to watch him suffer, and then die. He had a very peaceful death and he didn’t suffer, so we are grateful for that, but we all miss him so much. We’d appreciate if you could pray for his family.

The other side of the coin is that our little bundle of joy is doing so well. He’s becoming a non-stop talker, he babbles all day long and is so cute in his wish to communicate. He is getting stronger every day and developing new skills slowly but surely.

I’ll post on a thread on Inchstones about the progress he’s making.

In the meantime, here are some cute pictures:

And here he is in his new Igallop:

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