Just life

Nate’s had a good week.

We’re seeing tiny bits of progress.

He tries to walk (he has no stability but does try to step!!!)

He has a *little* more stability sitting in his bumbo chair:

He loooooooves sitting on dad’s shoulder and looking at the world from up there. He tries to hold his head up and is somewhat stable.

He’s holding on to toys a couple of seconds longer, and tries to put them in his mouth.

He reaches out and makes the ball spin

He absolutely loves hiking and sitting in his baby bjorn while he observes nature. He usually kicks a lot and tries to hold up his head.

We just got him the feeding chair and it’s great for him! I didn’t get one before thinking he wouldn’t have enough stability. But he does sit very well in it and will even play with the toys on the tray.

We got him a vestibular swing and he loves it!

He got a chance to play with both grandmas on Saturday

Owen and I got to go to a wedding last night while my mom took care of Nate:

And my absolute pfavorite photo of the baby:


  1. Great pitcures ! I hope all is well and hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Wow, what great photos. I haven’t seen Nathan as a baby. Your little girl is going to look so cute! Nathan was adorable as a baby!

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