Just Playing

This was Mr. Nathan’s game while we waited at Dr. Kenny’s office:

Perhaps some of you may wonder – what’s the big deal?  He’s pushing a button!

The thing is, Nathan has never had the strength or control of his arms to push a button.  Now even though he makes it look easy in the video, the button required a bit of strength to push.  So, perhaps it’s not a huge deal.

But on this road cemented with inchstones, every little one counts!  And we celebrate every thing he can do.  Which is one of the joys of Nathan’s world – very silly things bring all of us a lot of happiness and excitement.


  1. Way to Go Nathan! Ryland last week during PT put his hands down 7 times, when told to and held himself sitting up.
    One of Ryland favorite toys is a adaptive fan that lights up when you push the switch.

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