Just the way

Nathan is fully back to himself, and has regained what he’d lost. His teacher is thrilled to see him “back”, as am I and everyone that knows him. Which is funny because a couple of months ago I felt that where he was, was not enough. I wanted him to be stronger, more head control, more trunk control. Right now, today…I’ll take it! I’m thrilled with exactly where he is right now. I’m thrilled that he is back to his happy giggly kicking wiggling noodly self. I’m thrilled that he is back to cruising in his pony, bossing us around with his dynavox, charming us with his cuteness.

Another “notch” on the belt of acceptance. One notch closer to full unconditional acceptance. One step closer to accepting him, and life, just the way it is. A few steps away from the constant worry of “am I doing enough” and a few steps closer to the knowledge that the most important thing, by far, is his happiness.

Funny how paradigm is everything, right? A shift in paradigm changes EVERYTHING about our reality!

Today we introduced a ton of new content on the Dynavox and he was SO EXCITED. We made it so he had a lot more “chatting” opportunities and he thought that was amazing. He couldn’t stop telling us about all of the places that he likes the most, like Disneyland, Tita’s house, and camping. I had so much fun watching the wonder in his eyes as he realized he could do more than play games and make choices…he could TALK to us! It was the perfect early day mother’s day gift.

And of course I can’t leave his sister out of this post…because Dorje and Belle always go together.

Today’s Belleism:

We gave Nathan a bit of chocolate as a reward during his speech therapy. I left some chocolate out that we didn’t give to Nathan. A little while later Belle came to me and gave me a big hug and I asked her where she got the brown stuff on her face. We figured out that she’d stolen the chocolate so I said, “Isabelle” (in a semi-stern voice). So she hugs me tight and then starts showering me with kisses. Of course I couldn’t help but burst into fits of laughter!

Where, oh where, does this kid get this stuff? How did she learn to use kisses to get her way??!! Who is teaching her this stuff? Cuz it sure ain’t me!

PS – I did get some great ideas for posts…for those who emailed suggestions – THANK YOU, I am working on a few different posts, just getting all the pics and content ready!

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