Nathan seems better. We still don’t know what’s causing the vomiting and irritability but at least we know he doesnt’ need shunt surgery.

These last few days have been very interesting. We’ve received so much kindness!

A lawyer took on Nathan’s case pro-bono to help him get some equipment that he needs and he called me today to say he was successful! Regional center will be funding Nathan’s KidWalk and Hart Walker. I can’t tell you how major and amazing this is. It means Nathan will gain independent mobility! By having these two devices he will learn that if he steps he can walk! The devices will support most of his weight but over time as he understands that moving will get him what he wants, he will get stronger and stronger. I cried when I heard the news and feel so incredibly grateful.

We also had a wonderful friend pledge $500 towards Nathan’s fundraiser! We are soooo grateful! And a local business donated a snowboard and a wakeboard for his raffle.

Then, the acupuncturist that I went to see to regain my sanity said that he’s been doing research and brainstorming ways to help Nathan. He found a research study stating that the combination of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and acupuncture has helped many kids. So he told me that he was considering buying a chamber in his office so Nathan can use it! There aren’t any chambers in the valley where I live so it would be amazing if we can drive 15 min’s for Nathan to have Hyperbaric, as the nearest place is about 1 hour away. He’s doing some more research, and I have to do some research too, but he seems very serious and determined to find a way to help Nathan.

Finally, I got a call from Dr. Oswal from India on Sunday. He is a homeopathic doctor that created a product called G therapy. I’ve been trying to get this therapy for Nathan for a very long time but hadn’t been able to get all of the exams that the doctor required (like an EEG). He called me to tell me that he sent us a 3 month supply for us to try with Nathan for FREE! If it works we can order a 6 month supply thereafter. We spoke with a parent that just came back from India and she told us that on her 2nd day of taking the product her daughter’s muscle tone relaxed incredibly and she was almost like a different child! We are so excited to try this.

I have to confess that this past weekend I was on the verge of giving up. I have been so tired and overwhelmed and I had gotten to a point of exhaustion where all I could think was, I just need to give up and may things be as they will.

Then all these wonderful things happened and I feel so grateful.

So thanks to all you wonderful people that are stepping up to help Mr. Smiles!

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