I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness and generosity lately.

We have experienced more than our fair share lately, and especially during the last year.

Just recently, we were showered with kindness on our trip to England. When our luggage was lost, I was soooooooo close to turning around and going home. We were meant to stay in a tent on the grounds of Manjushri, and I didn’t know what we’d do without any of our gear.

The moment we got to Manjushri, we experienced an outpouring of kindness.

Someone took responsibility for helping us find accommodations (thank you Dewang!). Maxine, Chris and Mandy welcomed us into their home, and treated us like honored guests. People loaned us clothes. We were given jackets to stay warm and dry. We were given an umbrella. A kind copule gave us a jacket for Dorje.

Maxine and Mandy went above and beyond, loaning us clothes, doing our laundry every day so we could have clean clothes to wear. Mandy drove back to another town to pick up a stroller that they then gave to us to bring to America. They cooked for us, made us cups of tea, and did everything in their power to make us feel at home. They even went out and bought bibs, clothes, pijamas, and food for Dorje! It’s really opened my heart and showed me how caring and supportive people can be.

Some people have also helped us buy equipment for Dorje. At every turn we have received help and support in this journey. It really shines a beacon of light on our experience and reminds me, one more time, how overwhelmingly fortunate we are.

Thank you everyone for your kindness and support!

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