Lacking inspiration

I’ve been sitting at my computer for a really long time trying to figure out what to write about regarding “Adapted Tuesday” and honestly, nothing comes to mind. My “daily column” idea may not work after all, I think I am more of a spontaneous sporadic type of gal. Originally my idea was to write about equipment and other ways of making “life” accessible to kids like Nathan but unfortunately nothing’s flowing (except my boogers from this yucky cold).

Since I’m lacking inspiration, I will use this opportunity to highlight some posts which I’ve really enjoyed recently!

  • Don’t spit out Jesus Christ!
  • Gluten Casein Free Diet Explanation – Stacey reposted my explanation on the diet but I LOVED that she shared the success story of her twin boys – even though her kids have autism, they share the same basic problem – a compromised central nervous system – it just manifests differently!
  • Telling Time – Timmy is just SO cool..the things that boy figures out!
  • Excuse me
  • Sitting and Standing – I love how they are able/willing to adapt equipment and go with it!
  • Suzy rocking in Medek!
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    1. Hi Nathan’s Mom! Thanks for the shout out! I just read Don’t Spit Out Jesus Christ… pretty funny!

    2. Marcela

      Being that you are having trouble getting inspired, I have a suggestion. How about choosing a day where you answer your reader’s questions. This way everyone will have the opportunity to get to know Nathan better.

      Ok, I’ll start…. How much does Nathan weigh and how tall is he? He looks sooo small in some of the videos and pictures. But of course the camera can play tricks on the eye.

      I can see some improvement in Nathan in the Medek videos that you posted. GREAT Job Nathan!!!!

    3. Thank you for the pictures and videos. I miss you guys very much!

      Take care.


    4. Don’t spit out Jesus Christ? Way tooo funny!! It cracked me up!! Loved it!!!
      Everybody who received the link from me, called to tell me how much they loved it.

    5. Kuddos for Timmy and his time telling story. Loved it.

    6. The link for the caseine glutten frre diet is not correct. It takes you to the Jesus Christ link again.

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