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Our latest greatest is that Nathan is learning to fall asleep on his own!

Until now I had to rock him to sleep in my arms, wait until he was totally passed out, then put him in his crib. This week we decided to try and have him go to sleep on his own.

The first night he cried for about 15 minutes, then fell asleep. From the 2nd night onwards (today is the 6th), he only gave 2 or 3 screams, then he went to sleep.

This is pretty exciting for us as it means he is learning to self-soothe a little bit, plus he has the capacity to understand boundaries and to learn these types of skills.

He has been consistently sleeping through the night for a few months now too!

Just wanted to share the great news.

We would also love to ask people to pray that his gross motor skills will improve. He has shown some improvements but still has a hard time holding up his head, sitting, rolling over, etc. Thanks so much for your prayers and support.

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