Learning & Building

For the last two days we’ve been trying very hard to find a balance between learning and playing. In some cases we’re finding we can do both. In other cases, we just do one or the other.

I wanted to share a series of videos taken today. He walked and played with instruments. He giggled on his belly. He colored. It was a good day.

Here he is laughing soooo hard at something silly on Pinky Doodle Doo. No more complaints about being on his belly on the floor – so long as he can watch TV.

Our wonderful friend Olivia and Lexi gave Nathan this tray for Christmas. It’s perfect with his Child Rite chair! IT’s a quick easy way to sit him down and get him to play. We put on the neck support and the wrap on his trunk to give his upper body more support and thus, more freedom to arms and hands. He had a lot of fun drawing.

Learning to walk / take steps in the Hart Walker

Motivating him with instruments and music to take steps in his Hart Walker

And here are a couple of pictures:


  1. I love the videos espically of the one coloring funny Brandon did the same thing the other day. Way to go Nathan.

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