Learning to communicate

In his speech therapy, Nicky, Nathan’s wonderful therapist, is teaching him how to make choices and make his needs known. Obviously this is just the very foundation of communication but it’s a start! I wanted to share videos of our session today.

Okay so here’s how it works. First she presents him with two choices:

After he sees the choices, she’s teaching him to look at what he wants, and look her in the eyes as confirmation. He needs to learn to let us know, as he usually looks at both choices and it’s hard to tell what he wants. This way he’ll learn to look at what he want, then look at us.

Once he’s picked what he wants to do, she records the message on the blue button. If he wants to play with that option, he has to press the big blue button for an action.

When he is done with an activity, he should then click on the other button, the one with 2 choices, one red, one yellow. Red is ALL DONE and yellow is MORE. So he can indicate if he wants to continue playing or if he wants to be all done.

In this last video, you see how we can play with lots of stuff with him using this method.

I am going to spend time doing this with him every single day and I am hoping that in this way, by the end of this year, we have him clearly making and communicating his choices to us.

By the way, if you can’t tell, Nathan is still sick and a bit out of it so he wasn’t at his best in this therapy, he’s usually much better with the switches.

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