Learning to talk

A video taken today after Nathan’s speech session with Mrs. Ronna:

He does better with the dynavox when I’m not around so I left, but my plan is to install a nanny cam so we can catch him in real action in the future, not just an account of how he did.

How cool is this!


  1. That is fantastic! I was going to get the ipad for Cj for Christmas. Marcela, how is Nathan doing with the ipad? Do you think it is worth buying?

  2. Communication is key!!!!!!
    Laura G

  3. Ryland does the same thing, does better when I’m not around. We are still waiting to see in Ins is going to approve it.

  4. Marce no entendí nada:((((…….ja ja ja!!
    Vi las fotos de Nathan con Marcos,se ve precioso en la moto,Nathan se veía feliz en esa aventura como todo niño de su edad!! Espero que se estén recuperando(recuerda la crema de tomillo).
    Un abrazo.

  5. Marcela, sounds like you guys are feeling better!! Good!!!That is awesome how Nathan is learning to communicate using his Dinavox. I love it!!!!

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