Let me tell you about Lucas…

Some of you may know we have 2 lovely great danes – Lucas and Lola. Well every morning and every night, Owen takes them to the park to run around and play.

A couple of nights ago, we had our 3 nephews over spending the night and all of them went to the park to take Lucas and Lola.

Then they came back and we all went to bed.

Well Lucas has this awful habit of sneaking into bed with us in the mornings. So I woke up the night morning very joyfully to feel I had some much space in the bed. Until panic dawned and I ran outside looking for Lucas. Again, my weird 6th sense kicked in and I knew something was up with my Lucas.

So I start looking around and I get Owen to help me look and low and behold, we found Lucas. Guess where he was? STILL IN THE CAR!

Owen and the kids forgot to get him out of the car when they came back from the park! So poor Lucas spent an entire night and about 12 hours in the car.

Needless to say the guilt was free flowing and he got lots of meat and hugs and kisses.

Other than that, we’ve had a quiet, uneventful thanksgiving. Nathan enjoyed himself except now he’s sick again. He hasn’t quite gotten over the bronchitis and now he has a fever. So we will be running to the doctor in the morning.

I have a couple more updates that I will post later, both very exciting. But right now it’s too late and I should get to bed.

I’ll post a picture of Lucas after his accident later.

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