Life goes on

One lesson I’ve been learning is that attitude is EVERYTHING. What happens externally in our lives unless affects us based on how we choose to respond. I’ve learned that the most difficult situations can be transformed into the most peaceful ones if we find a way to view things positively. So I chose to put on my big girl underwear and transform the departure of Nathan’s beloved nurse into something positive. It was wonderful to have her with us for 1.5 years, she brought much beauty to our house and lives. And now we wish her the best in her journey. Once I integrated this attitude, I felt so much better! Today was Mary’s first day and it was lovely to have her back with us full time. Life goes on, life is good.

Today I took Gryffin to a Mommy and Me yoga class. I was the only one that showed up, so I got a private yoga session for a great price! It was phenomenal, it really helped me relax and she taught me some great stretches for myself and some great stretches for Gryffin. I started back with my yoga routine last week, but it was nice to do a more meditative yoga routine. Gryffin smiled a lot during the class and seemed very happy to be there.

A lady came up to us while we were having ice cream and asked me about Nathan. She asked if it was okay to pray over him. She put her hands on his head, kneeled in front of him, and started praying. What amazed me was that Nathan reached out to her and held her hand, and when she started the prayers, he bowed his head and kept it down. When she finished, he picked his head back up and looked right at her. She was so nervous about coming over; I was surprised. I found it very wonderful that she was willing to pray for a stranger.

And today is another early night. My bedtime is now 9 pm at the latest. Waking up a gazillion times at night and getting up at 6 am with Izzy and getting Nathan ready for the bus by 8:20 sure takes it out of me. So I better hit the sack. Good night!



  1. Hi Marcela, Yes! ATTITUDE is everything. I LOVE the picture! Gryffin looks like a doll in the doll stroller and Izzy is happy to have two dolls 🙂

  2. hilarious picture!!

  3. What a beautiful story about the woman praying with Nathan. Pretty fun picture!

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