Life outside of the “system”

Since Nathan turned 3, he stopped receiving therapies from the early intervention team. And since I told the people from CCS to $*)# off, he is not receiving therapies from them. And since I pulled him out of school on his first day, he is not receiving services from the school. Consequently, Nathan is outside of the system and not receiving and traditional therapies any more.

Both Nathan and I miss his therapists – they were so amazing with him, so kind, so patient, so loving – and they taught him so much! Their hard work and dedication has been crucial in Nathan’s development and we have them to thank for many of the things that he IS able to do today.

Alternately, it’s really nice to be able to spend our days doing things that typical kids would be doing. Nathan’s current plan is therapeutic but very gentle! In fact Daschle joins in everything Nathan does and they have fun doing it together! It’s really wonderful to be able to have a steady routine that doesn’t change based on the therapies that he has scheduled.

Do I regret the 3 years of traditional therapy that Nathan received? Not at all! We are so grateful that he had such wonderful therapists! Are we ready to move on with minimal “outside” intervention? Absolutely! Life feels less chaotic this way.

Nathan seems to be responding so well to our new rhythm. He LOVES playing with Daschle and today, I saw him trying to crawl on his belly! He wanted to get to Daschle and started kicking and moving his arms like crazy! He managed to move a few inches and I was astounded!

Everything we are doing now feels so “right” and I am so grateful for the foundation that he received with his therapists in the past and I am also extremely grateful of the program that we are currently implementing with him.

So life outside of the system? It feels GREAT!

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