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The other day I went out and forgot to bring diapers with me. There was a kid’s bathroom at the mall with a diaper dispenser for 50 cents. So I bought a diaper for Nathan at the dispenser.

Except the diaper was newborn size. When all you get is lemons, make lemonade!

We’re trying out new AFO’s for Nathan. They are super supportive, a great color, and he really likes them!

Now if only we can get them to work just like AstroBoy’s boots!

Sometimes we forget to feed Nathan so he has to feed himself. This was his chosen meal for tonight.


He was sure hungry.

On a serious note – this is the FIRST TIME EVER Nathan has entertained himself. My mom found this pen toy (bless her!!!) and gave it to him, and he just LOVED it! This is the first time since he was born that I’ve seen him really into a toy! Usually when we give him a toy he lets go right away (it’s a developmental milestone to hold on to toys, immature brains give the signal to release as soon as you put something in their hands). With this toy, he held on for at least 30 minutes, and he kept bringing it up to his mouth with great control and dexterity.

Talking about WILL – this was an amazing example. He WANTED the toy in his mouth so he figured out a way to hold on to it and to bring it up to his mouth. Talk about serendipity 🙂

Notice that around 15 seconds his hand goes all the way down to his lap and he brings it all the way up to his mouth – a FIRST! Thank you God/Buddha/Allah/The Universe!!!!

PS. For the record – today we started giving Nathan b12 shots, prescribed by his DAN doctor. He’s also back on his Gtherapy. We’re almost back to “full on” with him, in terms of his diet and supplements! More on this tomorrow as we have an appointment with Dr. Kenny!


  1. Love it!

  2. hooray for getting the pen into his mouth.

    Does he have ATNR?

    hugs! to you and your cutie pie

  3. That is so AWESOME that he is hanging on to the toy so well. I can tell he’s pretty proud of himself. Cody wants to chew on things in the worst way but he hasn’t met that grasping milestone yet…..He is too cute Marcela!
    Laura G

  4. Too funny! I just got a simular pen today for Christopher!! You are too funny with those boots! He really did a great job holding onto the pen and bringing it to his mouth. Try different objects connected to a stiff straw ( small marshmallows, sliced banana) I used to do this with Christopher. Also try a fork or spoon with food or peanut butter. He is getting it!

  5. LOL. What a cute boy! I’m so impressed with his skills!

  6. So funny that I’m reading this post with the last one as I was just going to say, “Look how well he does with his head!” I just remind myself constantly that everything is more work for Charlie–everything. He’s the one that decides what is worth it and what isn’t.

    Looks like it might be time to get Nathan some hand-held toys. Charlie was all about fake keys and rings when he finally figured out how to grasp something.

  7. Que juguete mas entretenido me has dado abuelita!!!!, hay veces que las cosas mas pequeñas son las mas interesantes para nuestros bebes!!!!!, pero Marce….. no le diste nada de comer a Nathan, se estaba comiendo el lapiz, jajajajaja, me encanto el video y lo mas bien que se lleva su manito a la boca, esta muy lindo, esta tan grande, tiene carita de niño grande, me encantó ver este video, les mando muchos besitos, un abrazo amiga!!!!

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