Look who’s walking now…

This video was taken at his school right when I got there. He was just getting started. It wasn’t long after that he was RUNNING in his walker! He spent 45 minutes in the walker – he ran around the room in circles, down the hall to visit his friends in other classes, and back around the room – he didn’t want to get out of his walker.

The little boy that was going to be a vegetable is now walking in a walker and talking with a computer!


  1. That’s wonderful!

  2. Amazing. Clapping my hands like we say in our country.

  3. His head control is worth noting, too! That ‘cowlick’ is too cute!

  4. Hello Marcela! Amazing!!!!!! Nathan is so happy with his walker!!!!! I’m so happy too. Where do you bought this walker? I would like to buy for Lorenzo too. Thanks

  5. Yay for Nathan! He will be ready for a marathon soon the way he looks! Great head control too!

  6. erika rojas says

    Es increible verle asi y muy emocionante estoy muy feliz 🙂

  7. erika rojas says

    Donde se puede conseguir ese caminador es fabuloso, quisiera para mi hijita porfavor mandame los datos. gracias.

  8. Yay Nathan!!! We are soo proud of you! You look soo happy to be able to go where you want! Mabe next time we see you Maxx & you can race. He in hs KidWalk you in your Pony. Very hppy for you little mn! Big hugs and kisses to you:)

  9. Amiga, estamos muy emocionados de ver a mi niñito tan feliz caminando por donde el quiere, estoy muy feliz por ti y toda tu familia, se ve increible, su control de tronco y cabeza es sorprendente, tienes un hijo maravilloso, mil bendiciones para él y que siga así porque Nathan va por más, te lo aseguro, les mando un abrazo gigante con mucha felicidad, los quiero mucho y dale un besito de nuestra parte y en especial de Vicente, y que estamos muy orgullosos de él, un abrazo

  10. LOVE it! Go Nathan Go!

    I just ironically tired to email you about the kidwalk but it wouldn’t go thru for whatever reason. I was curious if Nathan is able to independantly move it. We have a demo right now and Cody looks amazing in it but his PT doesn’t think his gait pattern will propel it forward. Something to do with his hip flexors (SP) He also leans against the chest part and she was afraid it would strip it out….

    Anyway, it is so great to see Nathan moving like this. Looks like he’s pretty proud of himself too!

  11. Oh Dios mío!!!!!
    Que alegría mas grande ver a Nathan caminando!! Te ves maravilloso y tu carita refleja perfectamente lo feliz que te hace ir por donde tu quieres,lo haces genial.
    Marcela me alegro que estés disfrutando de este enorme logro de Nathan,ya imagino lo feliz que debes estar,de verdad mis felicitaciones primero a este pequeño gigante y a ti por tu perseverancia y confía cada día que lograran mas y mas cosas!!
    Un beso enorme para mi niño,esta muy lindo!!
    Un abrazo,cariñoso!!

  12. AWESOME! Reminds me of how Matthew started out.

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  14. Really awesome! Yay Nathan! Makes me so excited and happy for you.

  15. Cathy Jordan says


  16. Is that a special school?? WOW that is great 🙂 Wish we had something like that here when Jeremiah is bigger 🙂

  17. awesome!

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