Lookalike 3 AKA peanut

Today I had my anatomy check-up with the perinatologist for mr. peanut. Who, by the way, is going to be the 3rd lookalike. I compared the ultrasound pics with Belle’s and their profile is IDENTICAL. Owen’s genes rage on in my children 🙂

The fantastic news – peanut looks perfectly HEALTHY. Brain, heart, spine, organs…everything is right on target. He weights 10 oz today, and all of his measurements – head circumference, femur, head to tailbone – are perfectly average. The doctor was very happy with everything!

This little boy is already rocking my world! I’ve had a few people tell me that he will be a very special, spiritual, sensitive soul – and I feel it already. I love feeling him kick, move around, talking and reading to him. I think knowing that this is my last baby is making me savor this connection more than ever.

As for names – he is still peanut for now. My favorites right now are Maximilian and Sebastian. I am waiting until a name feel 100% perfect for this little boy, just as I felt with Nathan Dorje and Isabelle Tara. I hope to have a name soon 🙂

I leave you with a picture of Nathan on his 1st Bday party:

And Belle:


  1. We totally had to meet the kids before they were named!! Hannah Lauren was going to be Gabrielle (Brie) Elise right up until we met her and Bear said “she is too little for such a big name!! ” and Zach was going to be Marcus Andrew- and we changed to Zachary Paul at the last minute-good thing too- the baby born to the parents in the next room later the same day was Marcus Andrew–not even kidding….

  2. WOW! Nathan & Belle look so much alike at one yr old! Good thing Belle has her ears pierced! When they get older, they will be able to tell who is in the picture…blue for Nathan, pink for Belle. How will you be able to tell Peanut apart from the other 2 in pictures?! 🙂

  3. Ya know Brandon is a awesome name so is Michael you should read the meaning of Michael lol. Love you and those babies…

  4. Oh, goodness! That little tiny Nathan with the fat legs! Soooo cute!

    I like both your name choices–can’t wait to see what you finally land on. I’m in full-on baby mode these days.

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