Magic in 3

Cobra Starship was playing on the radio, when Izzy threw her head back and screamed, at the top of her lungs, “La la la la”.  She grabbed Nathan’s hand, who was standing up held in between Owen’s lap, and started dancing with him.  Her head gyrated, hips rolled, feet bouncing, eyes beaming as she danced with her brother.   Gryffin wanted in on the fun so held him up next to Izzy and Nathan.  Izzy let go of one of Nathan’s hands, grabbed one of Gryffin’s hands, and started dancing with them both.  Gryffin belly-laughed, full of joy and excitement, which made Izzy laugh, which made Nathan laugh.  The moment continued for a while until I thought my heart was going to burst with joy.

There is magic in 3.  They belong together.  They love each other so much.  There is an amazing chemistry between these 3 kids.  Nathan anchors Izzy.  Izzy entertains Nathan.  Izzzy loves her baby brother and tries to hug him, feed him, hold him.  Gryffin belly laughs at his sister’s antics.  Nathan reaches out to touch Gryffin whenever he’s around.   And Gryfffin…he just takes it all in and smiles.  He’s our love boat.

Nathan is in great spirits.  He’s eating well, happy, wanting to play and interact with his brother and sister.  Perhaps the 3 days in the hospital helped cure something that had been bothering him for a while because he is doing so well, you’d never know that less than a weeek ago he was in the hospital. Perhaps it’s being back home with his brother and sister.

There’s magic between those 3.  And I… I love watching it unfold.  I love watching the many ways they love and support each other. It’s magical.


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