Kristina wrote an AWESOME post that I wanted to share:

When real magic unfolds

Please stop by her blog to read this post it is so well written and true about our kids!

Also, since we only have 2 days left for our Giveaway, I wanted to show and example of how Kristina promoted the XBOX giveaway:

Giveaway to Know About

Kristina is also working on establishing an augmentative communication system for her gorgeous little girl Emma, so hopefully all of your entries will help Princess Emma too (and other kids who are also working on augmentative communication).

Thanks so much for the amazing entries we’ve gotten so far, it’s been wonderful!


  1. I am glad you are feeling better! We are in sickoland now:(

    Kristina post is awesome! Thank you for sharing.

    As for your last post, I am confused too! You have video? As you know, I am pushing for Cj to get a device ASAP! He is in a new class with 3 children with very little cognitive ability. I do love his teacher, but for the first time in 4 years I have to really step up. Watch out IEP team! They are going to freak because they have been on board until now. He needs much more cognitive stimulation than colors, choices, music and being read to. You recieved some great advice!

    As for the Dynavox I would concentrate on all of his favorite things. Movies, food, malls, disney, Belle and incorporate them into learning activities. Like matching two pictures out of four. Two of Belle and two of Mickey mouse, two of Belle in green and two of Belle in pink. Where is Belle’s nose, eyes, mouth…there are so many great ideas that come to mind. You had so many great replies with some awesome ideas.

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