Managing Stress

Again, thank you SO much to everyone who responded to yesterday’s post about the G-tube. I am very grateful to all of you who took time out of your busy days to help us. I appreciate it!

On to today’s topic…Stress.

It seems that no matter how things are going there are always things to be stressed out about. Little things, big things, daily life things, unforeseen things. I used to think stress came with the special needs territory…now I know it comes with the parenting territory 😉

So the question of the day is…how do YOU manage stress?

I’m a big advocate about us moms taking care of ourselves. But the ante has been upped now that there’s 2 and there are days where there just isn’t time for me to take “time out”.

So how do you take care of yourself and keep your sanity when the day is a barrage of little people to care for and things to take care of?


  1. Any Grandmothers or Aunts near you! I have been very fortunate to have them over two days every week for a few hours! When people ask if they can help say yes. It took me some time to do this. But now I have no problem saying YES!
    PS. Good luck with the G-tube issue! Sorry I have no input. If he can still enjoy eating orally it may be worth it. Check in with Leonid like Katy said.

  2. Hi !Well finding the time to manage stress with kids is very difficult but I realize that to be a better mother you need to have sometime alone so you can re group your toughts.
    The ideal plan is to have a family member that you can trust to babysit but i know is hard to
    find someone specially with special needs kid.
    However I think the best way is to have bed time so you can have a nice bath or read a good book…ok well take care but stress is always hard to manage now days but waking up in the morning and thinking positive is the best way to start the day.Good luck.;)

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