For those of you wondering how Max is doing – everything’s going great! Max is now 9 weeks and 1 day old. I saw the OB down here today and he said the baby looks perfect. Everything is measuring right where it should be for the gestational age. I was able to hear the baby’s heartbeat and it was very strong – 179 bpm! The baby is attached properly and there are no signs of detachment. I was so happy to see the baby ! He no longer looks like a tiny little frog – you can already see the shape of his head and body. I walked out of there on a cloud! I still can’t believe I’m going to have another baby in less than 7 months!

The visit to the doctor here was so extremely different than it is at home. The doctor brought me in to his office and we sat for a nice long chat before he did any tests. He took his time getting a comprehensive history and it turns out that he was the doctor for a family that we met on Sunday that has a daughter with SL HPE, just like Nathan! What a small world! I feel as if I’m in good hands with him, he was warm, caring, and even gave me his cell phone number in case I felt the need to ask him any questions. How cool is that?!!

I went to the OB while Nathan was doing his Medek sessions so I am sad to report that I don’t have any pictures to share of his afternoon session. But you can imagine my surprise when I walked in and Ramon and his daughter Claudia greeted me with tremendous excitement. He stood up in an aerial exercise!!! Ramon was holding him by the ankles, and he stood up all by himself and stayed up in space, just by the ankles!! Can you believe that?? Ramon filmed him so I am going to try and get a copy of the video. He was ECSTATIC as it shows a sign of great progress for him to be able to do that already. Once they start standing up aerially, they’re on the path to independence!!!! So tonight I am on cloud 9, happy to know that both my babies are doing well 🙂


  1. ¡¡¡¡felicidades por estas dos hermosas noticias!!!! Marcela estamos tán contestos por tí,ya que todo te ha salido bién en las cosas más importantes de tu vida en estos momentos,que siga todo muy bién Nathan avanzando en sus tratamientos y Max creciendo cada dia….que bella familia!!!!!

  2. This is GREAT GREAT GREAT news!!!!!!!
    Looks like we’ll be seeing you guys for more than just a couple of months jijiji

    (whats the doctor’s name??? He is Ximena’s doctor??? The same Berni told you???)

  3. Karym Foncea says

    Hi Marcela, I am very happy for you, so far of your house and you’re so happy. I saw the Nathan’s photos (medek), and is wonderfull, I’d like to carry Vicente on there, really. We will be on contact through Cybell. See you soon.

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