Of all of the therapies we’ve tried out, I like Medek the most. To me it makes the most sense and seems to have the most potential to help Nathan with his gross motor skills.

For close to a year now we’ve been working on a daily home program with him. Juan Mario, his home Medek therapist, is absolutely wonderful. Nathan loves him and works hard for him. Very very slowly, snail pace slowly, Nathan has been getting stronger. I notice this in little ways..for example, when I take him to his cousin’s house, he wants to stand up and watch them play. He can now stand, with me supporting him at the waist, for about 10 minutes at a time. His head control is a little bit better, his trunk control also better.

What I’ve finally realized is that this will be like the feather and the stone. If we keep at it, day after day, month after month, year after year, eventually the feather will make a significant mark on the stone. I do believe this will take years and years but if we continue, I KNOW Nathan will have more strength and control of his body.

Most importantly, for right now, it is physical exercise, which he needs. He enjoys it. It keeps him healthy. And it is sustainable, as we do it from home. All things I like.


  1. Soooo nice.

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