Medek AM session 9-28-09

I am hoping to keep a photo journal of every single Medek session starting today. Cybell and Patricio loaned us their camera (mine is still stuck in customs) so I am thrilled to be able to start keeping track of Nathan’s progress!

Here are a few pictures of this AM’s session:And a video:

(update) Here’s a video of Nathan doing this same exercise in Toronto:

I think you can tell a difference, right?

Today he lasted 150 numbers (close to 2 min’s) standing by shoulder and ankle (the attempt after the one in the video above, which was 1 min). This is his best time yet. He never went past 50 numbers before. In the 2nd exercise, he stood up quickly in the air, which was an exercise that he’d only been able to perform once or twice before. He was then able to stay standing up for a while afterward.


  1. He looks so cute and proud of himself!

  2. Thanks Kristina! He really is proud of himself! I always tell him how great he is doing and he smiles and I know that h understands and feels good about what he’s doing.

  3. Laura Matos says

    Marcela he looks great!!! You can really see a change in him. He is working very hard. Oh give a huge hug from me and Maxx. We’re very proud of him!

  4. He is so happy! You can tell he loves to stand. Chloe sends hugs and kisses!

  5. ¡¡¡que bién lo hace!!! imagino lo orgullosa que te sientes de Nathan,felicidades por sus nuevos avances de muuuuuuuuuchos que vendrán. (está disfrutando sus ejercicios)

  6. beautiful!

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