Introducing the littlest Andrew


  1. And I felt bad for not sending you that email I promised…. all the while you are having a baby and much too busy for trivialities like email 🙂
    Congrats from the Medina clan. So good to see you and the little ones with big smiles.
    We’ll catch up soon.
    besos to everyone

  2. love that last pic… love all of them! congrats, marcela!

  3. Stephanie and David says

    What a beautiful family you have created.

    Stephanie & David

  4. awesome pictures. much love!

  5. I giggle at the dog’s face every time…OH NO!!another one of THOSE! AHHHHHH!

  6. congratulation. Your kids are awesome and you look wonderful. I am so happy for you.
    I found out on our vacation in Tuscany 3 years ago, that I don’t miss the second child, I miss also the third one. I saw many families with 3 children and there was completely different atmosphere in the family.
    I saw my little nephew (born just 3 days earlier than Andrew) for the first time after a week and I felt the same in my brother’s family.
    Wish you and your family lots of health, love and joy.

  7. Marcela- you look amazing- radiant! and little Andrew is the most alert, adorable newborn I have ever seen! He is obviously ready to be in this world! The kids seem so connected to each other and look so happy. Congratulations to you all.

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