Meet Jack!

About 2 weeks ago we were in Downtown Los Angeles and as we were parking the car we saw a little doggie about to run into the street.  I jumped out of the car having barely parked and ran to intercept him.  He got so scared when he saw me coming that he stopped and let me pick him up.

This is how Jack came to join our family.


I waited for a while to see if I could find an owner but there was no one.  As he was bleeding and hurt I figured it was best for me to run him to the vet.

After getting him all cleaned and patched up, a beautiful boy emerged underneath all that hair!

Jack is now pretty adjusted into our house and loves hanging out with Nathan.  Nathan loves pulling his hair 🙂  He’s brought a lot of joy into our house.

Lucas and Lola weren’t too thrilled at first at having a little runt doggie running around in their domain, but they are getting used to him and even played with him a little bit today!


  1. Ahhh, he’s a cute doggy. Ryland loves animals, I wish we could have one but our landlord won’t allow it. Rylands eyes light up when he sees a dog and he loves to touch them.

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