Merry Muscles

We finally set up the merry muscles bouncy thingymajigy for Nathan. Thanks uncle Brian for helping set this up!

It was a bit of trial and error to get this to work for Nathan. It has a nice tall back so he can lean back on it and still use it, but his head kept falling off to the side. So I found that black thing which is just one of those weight loss vest type of thingies that women wear and tied it around and that kept his torso centered and his head from falling over. Once we did that, Nathan started playing around with bouncing!

As you can see here, he totally gets the concept. It’s just hard for him to do the movement. But this was literally his first time trying it – he got better a little while into the trial.

I’m SUPER excited about this because I think it will teach Nathan new ways of moving/using his legs. Before he didn’t understand the concept of bending and stretching so it was hard for him to take continuous steps. I think doing this will help him learn how to do this as well as help him to build strength. Wohooo!

Here he is hanging out with his little cousin Daniel. I wonder if this is what it’s going to be like when Belle is here?!!


  1. Hi!
    I couldn’t open the merry muscles video. Said I needed to be a ‘friend’ ?
    I could open the other cute one.
    Do you really like it?
    I would love to chat.
    I’ll call later.
    love – whit

  2. yep, that is about what it is like with fletch and audrey, although if i am not looking and they are too close they start pulling each others hair!

    thinking about getting a merry muscles for fletch and audrey to share (did i mention they are almost the same size now… sista is huge!) . what is that extra support vest thingy exactly? looked like it worked well, and fletch will need the extra support, too.

    hope to talk soon!

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