Mild holoprosencephaly?

I’ve been reeling after reading this report:

I don’t understand most of what it says, but these 2 things caught my attention:

1. A tiny subdural collection is seen overlying the left frontoparietal region. It is isodense to brain and may represent an old hemorrhage.

A hemorraghe? No one told us Nathan had had a hemorrhage! Maybe that’s what’s causing part of Nathan’s difficulty developing?

2. The overall picture suggests a mild form of holoprosencephaly.

Mild? We were told Nathan had severe semi-lobar. Mild? He might be mild? Wow! Some mild kids can walk! Maybe the picture isn’t so bleak after all!

My conclusion to all this – we need a new MRI. Whereas before I didn’t want to sedate him unless it was 100% necessary, now I think it is. We need to know exactly what’s going on so we can treat him more effectively.

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