Milestones / Inchstones

Last night someone asked us, “What milestones has Nathan reached?”

I laughed. Ours is a different world. Milestones is not in our vocabulary. “We don’t keep track of those in this house,” I answered with a smile. Owen tried to respond. But nothing came to mind. Milestones is such a big world. You think of miles. You think of big things, long distances, huge accomplishments.

Things like sitting up, crawling, walking, self feeding, potty training. Amazing things like that.

But if we answer, Nathan hasn’t met any milestones, we wouldn’t be doing him justice. We wouldn’t do justice to how hard he tries, how hard he works for every little thing he achieves. We know he’s made progress. He’s doing so well. But he hasn’t met any milestones.

So for Nathan, we established a new concept.

Say hello to InchStones.

InchStones are the building blocks of milestones. They are those little tiny things that we can’t take for granted.

Inchstones are things like:

Nathan’s hasn’t been to the hospital in 3 months!

Nathan put his hand in his mouth by himself yesterday!

Nathan sat by himself for 15 seconds!

Nathan sat up straight for 1/2 of a second.

Nathan took another breath and lived another day.

So we’ve created this new category in Nathan’s blog. Here we will keep track of his InchStones. We will record tiny things he does, tiny things that mean the world to us.

Keep an eye out as one day soon I am sure we will even post a milestone or two 🙂


  1. YOU are so right! To me you are a saint.I feel so lucky to have a friend like you. Nathan, Owen, and you were brought into my families life for a reason and whatever reason it was I am glad it happend.I am glad that I found your site that night in Sept. I am glad that we talk on the phone, send emails, chat, and dream for our babies. I hope your mothers day is filled with joy and I love you! You are my bestfriend, and give Nathan a hug and a kiss for me.
    Brandon is waking up so I will go now.

  2. Wow! I would have to say that each and every day Nathan is blessed to be alive is a HUUUUUGE Milestone! I brag about Nathan you and guys ALL the time! He is nothing short of a MIRACLE! If that isn’t a milestone, then I don’t know what is!!!

  3. Oh, and good for you guys being SO incredibly gracious with people’s questions! So many times people out there get so mad about questions we non-knowing humans ask. But you and Owen handle it SO well! Good for you!

  4. I love Inchstones!!!! We are constantly asked about milestones and seem to never know how to answer those questions. Our son Hayden will be 2 on 5/25 and he has had so many Inchstones that most people take for granted. Hayden is sitting for 15-30 seconds at a time, he twitles his fingers, he brings his thumb to his mouth, he is making lots of noises and etc. These are his Inchstones!! Thank you for sharing your website.
    Tiffany & Lance

  5. as i read Nathan’s story it is hard to decide who is blessing who, is it Nathan blessing the family, like all angels do. or is it his devoted parents who are supporting all of his milestones (inchstones) alot of angels reside in your heart and home.

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