Another visit to the Chiropractor and a session with the Rolfing massage therapist later, Nathan is still in a state of misery. I’m starting to wonder if it’s really his body, or if there might be something else going on?

I hate seeing my son in pain and I hate not knowing what’s causing it and I hate even more that we can’t figure out how to help him.

He must be experiencing such agony – he has a very high threshold for pain, yet he is complaining all the time.

Misery is the name of the game around here right now.

Tomorrow we go back to see his pediatrician to see if we can explore other possibilities. We also see the acupuncturist again. After that – I’m out of ideas.

And now, I’m off to jump in the spa with him to see if we can get some relief and a smile out of him.

Have I mentioned how badly I want my happy pain free Nathan back?


  1. Poor guy 🙁 Have you tried asking him what hurts. Do you have a “Somethings wrong” board on his dynavox? Just grasping.

  2. Marcela

    I’m so sorry to read hat Nathan is still in so much pain. Just a thought, while he was in the hospital, did the Docs check to see if the pain may be a result of his apendix, pancreas r galbladder? If the vlium he is taking is only taking the edge off of his pain for only a short time, this is concerningto me in itself. Just a few avenues for you to explore if you already havent.

    (((HUGS)))) to Nathan.


  3. Kathy (Sydney's mom) says

    When I say I “fell your pain” I really do. We have had a similar experience with Sydney recently. After 17 hours int he ER (children’s and Henry Mayo), an MRI, CT scan, blood tests, urine test,x-rays, and and ultrasound …her pediatrician (not a specialist) determined she had pilled her gluteous minimus at horseback riding. It was a very sad, long, and agonizing journey to determine what was wrong. I am so sorry, we will be praying for your family and Nathan!!!!! Don’t give up Marcela!!!!! It took us a while, but we finally figured it out!!!!!

  4. Hi Marcela
    This may be a long shot but has anybody checked his magnesium levels I know that in the body there is fine balance and if there is too much potassium (which you just said he just received lots to increase his levels) the body will not be absorbing magnesium as well, if there is to little magnesium can cause major cramping?
    Just a thought? Hope you find answers soon.

  5. Hi friend. got your txt today.
    How is your sweet boy?

    Suzy is doing great with Azriel this week, We both love him so much and she really responds to him.

    Yes, the magnet center is 15 minutes from my house. We had lunch with Jennifer and Wade when they were in town. Wade is SUPER adorable, and Jen is great.
    The magnets cost $40.00 per hour.
    Suzy did 2 sessions of 200 hours – $16,000.00.
    That was 2.5 years ago.
    You are MORE than welcome to stay with me for the 2 weeks. I would LOVE it.
    However, you would really need to sleep there to get the hours in while he sleeps. But we can spend the days together.
    I would LOVE to have you and your family come.

    We can chat tomorrow.
    Love to you and your sweet babies.

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