More Merry Muscles

Guess what? I found out today that there is a size 2 Merry Muscles! How very cool is that?

Here’s the link: Merry Muscles for Special Needs

So for all of you who were interested but were worried that it would be too small for their child -worry no more!

We’re sending ours back so we can get the size 2. I can’t wait.

I really really really like this for Nathan. It’s a way for him to be upright, for him to receive vestibular stimulation, to connect movement in his body with movement in space. Plus he enjoys it! We put him in it while watching TV and he’s the happiest camper – and honestly, if he’s gonna watch TV, I’d rather him watch in the merry muscles than sitting on the couch, wheelchair, or in any other position. All in all – a win win situation!

And for those of you wondering how Nathan is doing … this video was taken today, so you can see for yourself what a quick recovery he’s had!!!


  1. Marcela

    Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU for posting the link to the larger size Merry Muscles! You just brightened my day. After seeing your 1st post I did any internet search and could find anything. I guess I missed it by a few days being that it wasn’t added until Feb. 1st.

    And I’m ABSOLUTELY shocked to see that it is reasonably priced!!!!

    Of to order 1 for Mr. Timmy… Thanks Again

  2. How do u keep him from flopping to the side. I would be scared Emily would fall out.

  3. Hi Andrea,

    Do you see that yellow thing that’s under his arm pits? It’s like a strip of cloth with Velcro. I tied it around his chest and behind the merry muscles (which has a high back) and voila, that keeps him from falling over! It also frees his hands so he can hold on (which he likes to do) and so he can have a bit more movement.

    I think the larger version would work for Emily – and I bet she would really enjoy it!


  4. Donna,

    I thought of Timmy as soon as htey told me about the bigger size, and was SOO excited. I am so glad you’re ordering one for him!!! Let me know how it works out once he gets it!

    Hugs< Marcela.

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