More on communication devices

The wonderful Sarah, Alli’s mom, wrote a post on her blog regarding her journey/experiences teaching Alli how to use a communication method. While I have been running around focusing on Nathan’s physical skills, Sarah’s been very consistent and focused on helping Alli communicate. They are far ahead of us so I wanted to share a link to her post regarding their journey towards functional communication:

Communication Devices

I will call Sarah and find out if I can help her upload some videos so we can all see exactly what each of these methods look like.

In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful, super informative post!

PS Alli has CVI, so it’s hard for her to rely on vision to make choices. By using scanning with voice output, she can listen for options and make her selections based on her sense of hearing.


  1. Oh yes, we must help her get some video uploaded. I had a school board lady tell me that Charlie HAD to use his vision when using a comm device and I contradictred her b/c I’m annoying like that:)

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