More on self care

I wanted to share a couple more things for mommies who are interested in self care and improving their own physical and emotional well being.

I found this Flow Yoga DVD and I love it. If you are interested/curious about Yoga, you might love this one:

Flow Yoga with Jennifer Lynn

Yoga is FABULOUS to reduce stress and connect your heart, body and soul. When I get stressed out I get so much tension in my neck and shoulders, and the yoga helps to release all that tension.

What’s great about Flow Yoga is that it’s pretty fast, so it’s also a cardio workout, and a little easier to deal with for those with ADD like me because the poses are only held for short periods.

And here’s a book that I think can really help with health:

The Body Ecology Diet

It can help you understand things like probiotics, why it’s important to avoid sugars, and gives you recipes and information that can help you feel healthier and have more energy.

I know I sound like a commercial but I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found resources like this one and how much they’ve helped me.

I also think the Body Ecology Diet book has a VERY good explanation about candida and some of the stuff that I’ve been talking about regarding our kids and special diets etc.

Finally, if anyone is interested in meditating, the classes I go to are from this tradition:

Kadampa Buddhism

If you type in your city, it will tell you where the nearest class to you can be found. I really love it as they focus on using meditation to find inner peace as well as integrating meditaiton into our regular lives.

Okay, enough of the self health commercial, now I’m going to practice what I’m preaching and go to bed at a decent hour! Good night!


  1. Hi Marcela,

    I really appreciate all the information you’re sharing. Aso you realize it or not but you give me some motivation. 🙂 I’m thinking about trying to do some of those things that you mention. Oh, and I got the Ecology Diet book. I just need to read it now. 🙂

    Thank you!

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