More XMAS Fun

We celebrated one last Christmas today and I love how the pictures came out. We all had such a good time!

The most important part of this post:

Check out that tummy! Have I mentioned that puke is HISTORY at our house? That he hasn’t taken prevacid in many months and he’s not vomiting, congested, and is gaining weight? I haven’t weighted him in a bit but he’s starting to finally get some meat on those bones!

We’ve been doing a supplement protocol to fix his leaky gut and it’s working because he is less congested, which means he is having fewer allergic reactions, and wants to eat everything in front of him. The boy is eating ALL DAY! We are SO HAPPY at this development and I must confess this has been the best Christmas present of all.


  1. Really beautiful photos of your family! So happy to read Nathan is doing so well and his belly is growing. We are really working on that with Sebastian right now…Christmas and New Years blessings.

  2. Hola Marcela, feliz navidad atrasada, y viendo las fotos veo que lo pasaron super bien, tus bebes estas muy lindos y grandes y el baile de Belle muy divertido, Nathan esta muy lindo y con su humita todo un caballero!!!, les mando besos a tus hijos y muchas bendiciones para ellos, que tengan una bonita fiesta de fin de año y que el 2011 este lleno de satisfacciones, salud, amor y paz, cariños para tí, un abrazo

  3. Karym, Feliz Navidad a ti y a tu hermoso hijo y al Pato!!! Que este sea el mejor ano de todos!

  4. Kara that is wonderful, seems like things are coming together so well for Sebastian in Toronto, starting with his new school.  Let me know if there’s anything we can help with on nutrition, we have been around the block a couple of times with this!

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