My baby starts school tomorrow!

Can you believe it? Nathan starts school already! I am in shock.

I decided to send him to the state preschool for 1 month, because the Waldorf preschool doesn’t start until September. So he starts tommorrow and goes until Sept 11. Then on the 12th, we’re off to Chile. So he gets 1 month of schooling before we’re off on our next adventure.

I am still not sure about how our IEP meeting went, so I decided to just send him for this one month and see how it goes. Then, I will call another meeting and having some experience of the school etc, establish a better IEP. I am sending him to school with an aide, the wonderful Mrs. Tischia, so she will keep an eye out on everything and make sure that they are taking great care of him!

Anyways, there is more I could say about this but I am trying to keep posts short and sweet, without babbling so much, so that’s it for now! Check back tomorrow and I will post an update about his first day of school!


  1. CHILE! CHILE! CHILE! We are waiting you guys 😉

  2. Good luck Nathan!!! I am sure he will do great.

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