My new hero

Today we met the lawyer that helped us get Nathan the Kidwalk and the Hart Walker.

Today he has become my new hero.

He has cerebral palsy. He told me that his mom fought for him and helped him and gave him every opportunity in the world.

He graduated from UC Berkeley undergrad and law school. And how he works at a law firm that advocates for children with disabilities.

When I called them asking for help, not only was he happy to help, but he went above and beyond. Even though I thought Nathan could benefit from both walkers, I figured I should choose and fight for just one. He told me that we would ask and fight for both. I was astonished as I would’ve never dared to go that far.

Not only did he dare to go that far but he won the case and got the regional center to fund BOTH the Hart Walker and the Kidwalk!

He gave me so much hope for Nathan’s future and that of other kids with CP.

Anyways…I really should pack and get ready…we have to be at the airport in 8 hours!

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