My Vision

My vision board ritual started early last year, when my friend Farnaz invited me to her house to work on a vision board. We had a lovely time working on it and I brought it home and hung it in front of my computer.

Early this year, when I returned home from Chile, I looked at my vision board again and was shocked to see that most if not all of the images that I had on my vision board had become a reality.

Here’s last year’s vision board:

I imagined myself pregnant, travelling, doing yoga, playing tennis and water polo, going on a cruise, meditating, eating healthy, getting closer with Owen, working on my house, doing well at work, unlocking the potential of Nathan’s brain. Everything I dreamed of is now a reality.

I believe in the power of imagination. I believe we create our reality. We cannot use our imagination to change others, but we can use it to change ourselves, our own reality. I have seen over and over this year how a slight shift in how I view things can utterly and completely change my experience of the world. For example, the slight shift of not seeing what Nathan CAN’T do and seeing what he CAN do has made my time with him so much more enjoyable!

I invite you to work on your own vision board. If you create it, believe it, and know that it will happen – in due time – then it is inevitable.

My mom talks about the steps to creating a vision board on her blog. We worked on our vision boards together (as well as my wonderful friend Sarah). Not only was it super inspirational – we had a blast chit chatting and dreaming and creating!

You can read more about the HOW TO of vision boards on my mom’s blog posts:

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  1. Congratulations on accomplishing your visions!
    You gave me an idea of creating one vision board for my son and place it by his bed where he can see it and talk about it!

  2. Awesome!! No better feeling than realizing your own dreams! I think me and the kids may work on doing our own vision boards – thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Fantastic idea. I have been just thinking what to do with the space in front of my computer. Thank you, Marcela. I will share this idea with other families in our country.

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