Nathan & Brandon Reach Oregon

The last few days bring us some terrible and some excellent news.

Let’s start with the bad news first….we lost our camera. Tragic isn’t it. The good thing is, every material thing is replaceable. So we’re hoping to be able to find a good, comparable camera for a decent price.

Now for the good news. We had an amazingly wonderful few days last & this week. Our friends Amber & Brandon came to visit for Arkansas. Brandon is 1 day younger than Nathan and also has a neurological condition. Amber and I have been talking practically since the boys were born and have become the best of friends. Amber came to visit us on her way to Oregon to visit Charlie and Consensao at

We had a lovely time together. We went to Universal Studios, Pasadena, and hung around the house. Then on Sunday of last week we all flew together and spent Sunday through Thurs morning in Oregon.

We noticed both boys seemed to fluorish from being in each other’s presence. They seemed to be more energetic and wanting to work hard to do new things. They behaved wonderfully and overall it was a great time.

Amber, Brandon – you guys are the best, and we love you and miss you!

Here are some awesome pictures:

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