Nathan in Las Vegas!

We went to Vegas for a day and Nathan of course loved it. He was just amazed by all the people, the lights, the sounds. It was incredible to watch as he stared at everything with wonder and delight.

We stayed at one of the border hotels Friday night to minimize the driving, then went on to Vegas in the morning. We started off at the new Wynn casino, then made our way down to the Venetian for lunch, over to Caesar’s palace to hang out and nap, then the Mirage, then dinner back at the Wynn.

Wherever we went people had to say hi to him, and he was smiling left and right at everybody. He loved the slot machines but unfortunately as he is a minor we weren’t allowed near them (we did sneak a couple of photos hehe). But he did get to watch a little show at Caesar’s and to see the tiger at the Mirage and of course everything else. Owen and I loved all the waterfalls at the Wynn.

We have a ton of photos in the main photos section, but there are a few more here:


  1. Looks like you had tons of fun!! 🙂

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