Nathan playing with his Dynavox with Eyemax


  1. Love, love, LOVE the videos. Keep them coming. They are giving me lots of ideas for Emma and really, I can use all the ideas I can get at this stage! I’m finding it harder than usual to get motivated for coming up with good ideas on helping her communicate better.

  2. Kristina, absolutely, I have a bunch more, we have so many new pages from the ideas from our contest, I’ll keep adding more!

  3. Tami Skarin says

    Marcella, I am still wondering if the pages I sent to you came through and if you were able to install them. Maybe you have all the pages you want now, since you did say you have many pages from a contest. Can you drop me a note? Thanks! Tami

  4. So cool!!

  5. Hi Kirsten, thanks!  I read your blog too and love updates about Layne and Lexi.  The xmas and thanksgiving pics were GORGEOUS!  Glad to hear both your cuties are doing so well.

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