Nathan playing with Switch Toy

Today was a glorious day.

I saw Nate do 2 things he’s never done before.

1. He turned OFF the bathroom light! After his bath, I showed him the light, and showed him how to turn it off. He only had to see me do it once to know exactly what he needed to do. It took him a couple of attempts and then he did it! He was so proud of himself. I could tell he understood the relationship between reaching out and turning off the switch, and the darkness in which he found himself. Next I’ll teach him how to turn it back on 🙂

2. He played with a switch toy all by himself! You can see for yourself:

I was so excited I took another one:

I am ecstatic, it’s the first time I can leave the room for more than 1 min. because I knew he was occupied, so it gave me time to run downstairs to grab his bottle – no crying or complaining! Glory Hallelujah!

Here are some other cute pics:

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