Nathan starts preschool tomorrow!

Today we went to a preschool across the street and guess what – tomorrow Nathan starts! I am so excited for him! Nathan will be going to Rocio’s school’s sister school. It’s run by the same director (she’s a lovely lady!) and thanks to Rocio and Sonia, they now have experience about how to integrate special needs kids into typical classrooms. Nathan will be the only special needs child in his class.

The school is across the street from us, which is fantastic. He will be going in the afternoon after his Medek session, from 4pm to 6:30 pm. I think he will really THRIVE from this opportunity! And I am excited that he will be in a class with typical kids!

Nathan’s Medek continues to go well. There was an exercise today where he stayed standing up for about 1 full minute, which is the longest that he’s been able to stay fully upright. Some exercises that he had a lot of trouble doing when we were in Canada, are now a breeze for him. Ramon keeps making the exercises a little bit harder every day.

Ramon believes that by continuing to “send the message” to Nathan’s brain, he will have NO CHOICE but to create new neural pathways for motor control. The progress will be slow but the more neurons we activate, the more chances he will have. He continues to be pleased with Nathan’s progress and faithful that by the time we leave we will see some significant changes!

I am working very hard not to be impatient. I can see tiny inchstones of progress but as usual, I want more more more. I’ve decided however that the paradigm of wanting more quickly hasn’t worked too well so I am working hard to just relax and settle into Ramon’s vision.

I’m hoping to borrow a camera in the next day or two so I can get some pictures up!


  1. ¡¡¡que buenas noticias!!! realmente es una alegria que este avanzando en sus terapias,es un grán logro,les deseo un éxito total mañana en su primer día de clases,seguro que los nuevos compañeros estarán contestos con Nathan, cariños.

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