Nathan today 9-18-09

This is today’s update from Mrs. Tischia:

The day started a bit late for us so we combined lunch and snack. For Lunch Nathan had rice cakes soaked in almond milk with a few bites of avacodo.

We did our usual circle time today and added a silk wrapping excercise. I rolled both boys up one by one in the rainbow silk and then slowly unrolled them. I am working on a song for this. We ended with lot’s of swinging time for both Nathan and Daschle.

After circle we got dressed and got in the pool. The water was perfect!!! Nathan was a kicking fool. He wanted to follow Daschle wherever he went and used his ENTIRE body to indicate that to me. We probably spent a good 30 to 40 minutes in the water. When we got out I let them both lie naked on their towels for just a few delicious minutes to let the sun dry them off.

Then I wrapped both boys in their towels and put them at opposite ends of the hammock. They were both very still.

Nathan was asleep within 5 minutes after a brief nature story and leg and foot massage. No protests today.

Our new program is PERFECT for him.

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