Nathan’s Adapted Life

I wanted to share some of the stuff we’ve used to make Nathan’s life easier and more accessible.

I’ve shared a video album with pictures of stuff we’ve used to make Nathan’s life easier. Most importantly, we use it to help Nathan interact with his world. If we didn’t have these, he would be quite limited in his ability to experience the world!

First, press play so you can listen to a bit of music. Then, enjoy the slideshow with annotations below.


  1. SOOO helpful!!! Thanks, Marcela. I learn something new every single time I’m here. And, happy belated birthday!!!

  2. Oh wow. There is a lot on there that I have never even seen before. Is there any way you can slow it down just a tad. I could not stop it and look more closely at some things.

  3. Hi Suzzanne, if you double click on the photos, it will take you to the picasa page, you can view each one separately there, one at a time.

  4. Kristina White says

    This is a great video! I had never heard of the creepster crawler and some of the other devices that might benefit Emma. How did you find out about most of these devices? Also, did you pay for many of them yourself or did insurance cover them? Thank you for the input, as I now want to bring the creepster crawler information to Emma’s PT to see if he thinks she is a candidate for this – I’d love to see her get mobile!

  5. Veronica - Lorenzo's Nana says

    Thanks so much Marcela! I honestly didn’t know that most of these tools were even available or what types of tools are out there. I am definitely going to look into some of these for Lorenzo! Thanks again!

  6. Hey Marcela,
    This is amazing! Is the ergo baby carrier especially for older kids? Those sort of things are usually for younger babies aren’t they?
    I love it – I want one for Billee. It would be perfect to put her when I take girls to school.
    I’ll e mail you soon – had a stressful week!
    Hugs XXX

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